Position Name Department Career
CEO Eunmi Chang GeoSpatial Consulting Group Doctor of Geography (University of Kansas)
Prior SDS Samsung, Korean geospatial information & Communication Co.
Adjunct professor (Univ. of Seoul)
Director of Institute Byung ki Kang ziin Institute Doctor of Business Administration (Kookmin Univ.)
Adjunct professor of Kookmin Univ.
Senior Researcher Eun Kyung Kim ziin Institute Doctor of Geography (Seoul National Univ.)
Senior Researcher Min Park ziin Institute Bachelor of Education,
Department of Biosystems and Biomaterials Science & Engineering (Seoul National Univ.)
Senior Researcher Sung Gon Kim ziin Institute Master of Business Administration (Ajou Univ.)
Senior Researcher Jung Rack Kim Software Development Partner Doctor of Department of Civil Engineering (London Univ.)
Adjunct of Astronomy & Space Science Institute researcher
Senior Researcher Yong Jae Park ziin Institute Master of Information System Engineering (Hansung Univ.)
1st Class of Engineer Information Processing
Junior Researcher Sun Ah Moon ziin Institute Bachelor of Education (Seoul National Univ.)
Member of National Spatial Information research
Researcher Hee Tae Kim ziin Institute Bachelor of Business Administration (Soongsil Univ.)
Emoployee Ji Eun Lee Software Development Team Bachelor of Geography (SangMyung Univ.)
Visiting Researcher Kyeong Park GeoSpatial Consulting Group Professor of Geography (Sungshin Women's Univ.)
A vice-chairman of The Korean Association of Regional Geographers
Visiting Researcher Dong-soon Lim Consulting Partner Group Professor of Economics (Dongeui Univ.)
Prior chief Researcher of Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade
Visiting Researcher Jong-woon Kim Software Development Partner CEO of Nextelligence
Prior a director of Wise Info Net
Visiting Researcher Jong-bae Kim Software Development Partner CEO of E-Enterprise
Adjunct professor of Seoul Woman's Univ.