Standard doesn't only mean to obey traffic lights, but if you follow this, it can be
naturally continued.
If the company ignores standard for their technical development, a lifetime work
can crumble overnight. I would like to emphasize that standard is a tool not a barrier.
My first mission is to provide education on the proper standard for developers,
administrators and students.

Through such an excavation and application, I will lay the foundation of right
decision about EIS (Environment Information Service) and DIS (Disaster Information Service).

Water resources, weather, environment, spatial information as well as massive data, are
difficult but omnipresent subjects.
My second mission is to help expert have groups for policy or development strategy.

Though the millions of peta-byte of information is accumulated per day, the policy
makers have not enough time to analyze them.
The production of anecdote for target oriented action is not only technician's task.
Our group members become the coordinators who are related to GIS program as
economy, management, geography and information technicians.

I though that oil and electricity are kind of material energy and that the entirely
undisclosed thing is the Geospatial Data. My third mission is to find a new
value of spatial data for practical use by knowledge of resources exploration.

It is a problem that biological and cultural resources and the real-life values are

  - Geographic information, social security, web technical, prevention of disaster
   development standard and research
- The performance of standardize project and continuous knowledge provider
   for technical export activities.
- Techique and policy consulting:
  document of supporting policy, making the law manual, manage a forum

- Economic analysis, special satellite, managing and publishing an educational program about GIS
- To analysis Satellite image and to find discover spatial information to good use
   and industrialize:
  a new sensor, data processing and modularize
- Place name, traditional map, the study's advancement about stream, organism
   and ISP business of environment statistics information
- Evaluation for geography information and location based multimedia service
   quality and scenario planning